Video-On-Demand Courses COMING SOON!

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Online Video On-demand Tai Chi Classes

What to Look Forward To

You will feel like you are attending a live online class, but on your own schedule at your own pace!

This on-demand course is a collection of recordings from an actual live on-line Zoom class session. You will hear student interactions, questions, and commentary. You will feel like you are really a part of a live group class!

Benefits of Tai Chi On-Demand Courses

Beginners and continuing students will enjoy learning, practicing, and refining their Tai Chi form from virtually anywhere there is an internet connection.

Learn at your own pace

Learn whenever and wherever is right for you

Simple login, no complicated software needed

Compatible with computers, tablets, and smartphones

Help build the Just Breathe Global Community

Unlimited viewing of course lessons

Stop, start, replay, and speed controls

Discussion forum to connect with other students, ask questions, and share experiences.

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