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“For a beginner, Tai Chi is a workout. For a practitioner, Tai Chi is a discipline. For a master, Tai Chi is a way of living. And they are all the same Tai Chi.”

Tai Chi for Balance

Tai Chi helps increase physical and mental balance through slow, low impact, graceful movements. Tai chi addresses the four components needed for balance: musculoskeletal, sensory and perceptual, neuromuscular synergy, and cognitive ability.

Tai Chi for Strength

Tai Chi conditions the muscles, tendons and ligaments through active relaxation and expansion of the body. Tai Chi’s mindful practice helps to strenghten both the major muscle groups as well as the supportive muscles responsible for stability and balance.

Tai Chi for Health

Tai Chi’s health benefits have been acknowledged by major scientific and medical studies. A Harvard University Medical School publication suggests that the common description of Tai Chi as “meditation in motion” could just as well be called “medication in motion”.
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