Below are just a few of the many stories and testimonials I have received over my many years of teaching. As an instructor, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing and hearing about my students’ accomplishments.

I would LOVE to tell your story too! The link below will take you to a form page where you can tell me your story.

After a series of hip injuries—with associated surgery, doctor’s appointments and physical therapy—I still required a cane just to get out of bed. I started taking Tai Chi and started feeling a difference almost immediately. After a few classes, I could walk without my cane. Now, not only do I not need a cane, but you can watch me confidently stand on one leg!

Doug Church

Chairman, Central Fairfax Chamber of Commerce, Fairfax, VA

Probably the smartest choice I ever made was to sign up for Tai Chi when I was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease five years ago. The luckiest choice I ever made was to pick Kris Brinker’s class to attend. I have read numerous descriptions by physical therapists specializing in Parkinson’s wellness programs, and every exercise and technique they recommended was interwoven into Kris’s weekly sessions at some point. I credit the class with not only helping me maintain flexibility and mobility, but actually increasing these crucial abilities. I know my balance, coordination, and strength exceed my capability five years ago. Thank you, Kris! I owe my continuing quality of life to you and the program.

Barbara Bonsall Wood, Ph.D.

Springfield, VA, Living with Parkinson's

I started Tai Chi after several years of Tae Kwon Do. Now that I’m over 60, sparring seems a little impractical. I’ve enjoyed every class and the instructor is great. It’s great for my balance and having to remember all the moves of the form we’re learning, it’s good for my memory. I recommend it!

John C.

Springfield, VA

If you want to learn the classic Tai Chi form, Kris Brinker should be your teacher. I have studied with her for years. She is a smart and patient teacher, always bringing new tricks to class to help us learn, and her own form is admired among top teachers. You will be happy you studied with her.

John Passacantando

Former Director, Greenpeace, Alexandria, VA

I hope that in your dark times you realize the positive effect you are having on so many people. As you watch us in class, with our spasm like moves and uncoordinated flailing of limbs, know that you are making a difference.

I already feel better because of Tai Chi and I cannot imagine how much better I will feel in the weeks, months and years ahead as I get more flexible, coordinated, relaxed and aware of my body.

Michael K.

Springfield, VA

I’ve been enjoying Tai Chi with Kris for 8 years and I can’t recommend her classes more strongly.  Kris has a way of teaching that makes this discipline easy to learn and master. I keep going to refine my abilities and keep strengthening my core. What a great way to learn balance and stay agile. I am among the oldest in the class and easily keep up with those younger. If you are looking for low impact exercise, this is the class for you. Makes you strong and agile. Run, don’t walk to sign up for Kris’ classes.

Connie D.

Fairfax Station, VA

After the first two weeks, I noticed an improvement in my balance and a confidence in my step that clearly came from practicing Tai Chi. After seeing tangible results and enjoying the class so much, there was no doubt I was hooked.

Joe S.

Fairfax, VA

Kris breaks every move down and peppers her class with practical tips, exercises, practice, and demonstrations so the learning is manageable, engaging, and varied. She takes every student from wherever he or she is to the next level. I highly recommend taking Beginning Tai Chi with Kris Brinker. She’s a superb teacher and makes Tai Chi come alive and accessible for everyone.

Dr. Laura Hills

Fairfax, VA

I continue to feel better, and to improve, I think, with every class, every book I read, and most importantly, with each and every practice I do at home. Thank you for the excellent instruction, guidance, inspiration and example you set.

Mary R.

Fairfax, VA

I really appreciate all of your adjustments, suggestions, and what I call “nuggets” that your provide each and every class. Some of them you repeat often and I find that very useful as sometimes they did not register the first time.

There is absolutely no substitute for having a good instructor. I always welcome your corrections and advice.

Kent S.

Fairfax, VA

The most spectacular change in me by far is my ability to balance on one foot, something I wasn’t very good at but that has definitely improved. Every class with Kris feels like a vacation as it gives my busy mind a rest from everything else that usually occupies it. I come out of Kris’s class refreshed and I am improving week by week my ability to focus and to execute the Tai Chi moves. The biggest surprise to me is that Tai Chi is so much fun!

Dr. Laura Hills

Fairfax, VA

I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know about Tai Chi until I took one of Kris’ classes. The way Kris teaches the fundamentals makes it apparent you are being taught by someone who innately has a passion for the art form and instills that in her students. I thought I was seeking a calming, stress relieving activity. What I discovered with Tai Chi is how quickly I was hooked on a historic discipline which required concentration and dedication to learn, and in turn brought me that peace I was looking for in the first place. After the first two weeks, I noticed an improvement in my balance and a confidence in my step that clearly came from practicing Tai Chi. After seeing tangible results and enjoying the class so much, there was no doubt I was hooked. If you want to really learn the “art” of Tai Chi, you owe it to yourself to take it from someone like Kris, at Just Breathe Tai Chi.

Diana A.

Fairfax Station, VA

It just AMAZES me that, after several sessions, I can still learn new and more subtle technique improvements! Thanx, Kris!

Karen B.

Burke, VA

Sublime! There was an amazing energy in the room! And, everything just seemed to fall into place! I’m SO thankful for this class!

Kathy B.

Burke, VA